Duration (1.30 h) you can discover the Pas de l’Ase’s beauty, a river strait composed by two big rock walls that end up inside the water. You can also enjoy the unbelievable areas of a couple of islands that will make you doubt if you’re really that close from home or not. Take advantage of this unknown stretch in order to enjoy 100% of the landscape, the calm and the fauna that will be noted during the entire journey.



You can visit the Poblat ibèric de Sant Miquel (Saint Michael’s Iberic village), an iberic settlement located on Pas de l’Ase with amazing views of Ebre’s river.

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              Close to the settlement, there’s located the Ermita de Sant Miquel (Saint Michael’s hermitage) built by the cartoixans monks of the Escala Dei which also have amazing views of Pas de l’Ase.

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              You can discover how did they live during the last century, due to the house-museum of Sant Enric d’Ossó, a house-museum about the founding of the Santa Teresa de Jesús’ Company.

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              Or you can also visit “Ca Don Joana big house from the 16th century. Let yourself be amazed by its monumental stairway made in a square shape with an octagonal tower on the top, its columns and the well made in one piece from a solid rock, its renaissance and baroque architecture.      

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Visit Santa Magdalena, a peculiar hermitage built in a rock, under a cave cold a balma.

You can also walk to the highest point of the town and discover the bad effects caused by the Ebre’s battle at the Església vella de Garcia (Old Garcia’s church), that was a witness of the civil war.



During the summer season, you should wear comfortable clothes and footwear that can be soaked. It would be better if the footwear is very tight to the foot. You should avoid wearing flip-flops as it's easier to lose them and it's not comfortable for canoeing.

During the activity it's important to bring water, anti-mosquitos, sun lotion of a higher SPF rating and a cap. It's also recommendable to bring clothes for changing after the activity.

If it's your first time, we recommend you to take an individual kayak, as it's easier to drive than the double kayak.

If you want to bring your children with you but you think that they are too young, there's no problem at all as in the double kayaks there are a couple of central sits for the younger kids. This way, in the same kayak can sail two adults and two kids.

During the winter season, it's important to bring a thermal sweater or one that keeps the corporal heat and a waterproof jacket or a raincoat. We will lend you some waterproof fabrics so that your legs don't get wet with the splashes produced by the row.